How to use

The Virtual Library on Migration Issues provides two ways  to search the information you need:

  • using the search box on the top of the website,
  • browsing  the menus and categories of the website.

MigLib has three main menus: Publications, Legislation and Statistics, each having its own subcategories, that are located on the left site of the respective page.

The Publications section presents a number of theoretical and practical researches, studies, manuals and newsletters on migration issues. According to the publication type, the content is posted in 8 categories,

  • Researches;
  • Articles;
  • Migration Theory;
  • Manuals;
  • Migration Profiles;
  • Newsletters;
  • Migration Management;
  • Reports.

The Legislation section contains national and international regulations of migration issues. The legal norms types are presented in the following subsections:

  • National Legislation;
  • Bilateral Agreements;
  • Multilateral Agreement.

National Legislation section has the following categories:

  • RA Laws;
  • RA President Decrees;
  • RA Government and RA Prime Minister Decrees;
  • National Programs
  • Departmental normative legal acts

The Bilateral Agreements section presents bilateral agreements and treaties on migration regulations, that are signed between Republic of Armenia and EU, EU member states, EAEU and its member states, in the framework of CIS and other. Files are presented in the following categories:

  • EU States;
  • CIS States;
  • EAEU States;
  • Other.

Multilateral international agreements section presents International Conventions, Charters and Agreements on migration regulations. The files in this section are presented in the following categories:

  • Conventions;
  • Charters;
  • Agreements.

The Statistics section of the website provides data on the following 5 migration processes:

  • Border Crossing;
  • Asylum and Refugees;
  • Resident Permits;
  • Remittances; 
  • Readmission.

The Border Crossing category provides semester and annual official reports on RA state border crossings.

The Asylum and Refugees category provides official statistical reports on persons, that have applied for asylum and been granted Refugees status in Armenia (by countries of origin, sex, age and case status).

The Resident permits category provides official statistical reports on the persons granted resident permits in the Republic of Armenia and on the persons, that hold resident permits (by counties of origin, type of resident permit and ground of granting).

The Remittances section provides data on the inflow of remittances by individuals through the RA banking system (by countries and years).

The Readmission section provides data on the applications received and on their progress thereof within the framework of the readmission agreements signed by the Republic of Armenia.

“Stat tool”

The migration library website has a special section for statistics. Stat tool provides an opportunity to search for specific statistical date and to make a new comparative tables by using various filters and checkboxes.